Strategic Firing to Prevent Crisis

The caricature of executives depicts them as heartless; people who fire others without a second thought. The reality is a far cry from this. Especially with unemployment at historic lows, leaders are acutely aware that talented people who are a good fit are not only uncommon, they are probably employed. For this, and other reasons, people who aren’t working out

Why You Should Care About The Crisis At JCPenney

The share price of JCPenney (JCP) fell 6% today on the news that its CEO, Marvin Ellison, is departing to take the reins at Lowes. Ellison was working on a turnaround plan that he initiated after joining the retailer in 2014, following 12 years at The Home Depot. While some improvements have been seen at JCP, the brand is laboring

Global Leadership Mindset

While some leaders look through microscopes, those with a Global Leadership Mindset™ are adept at using a variety of cognitive tools to ensure they see and utilize both detail and concept. This mindset is a particular way of perceiving, making decisions and forming relationships. A global mindset rejects simplistic and deterministic ways of thinking that range from biological (brain structure

Leading At A Distance

This is a guest post from Kevin Eikenberry, co-author of The Long Distance Leader.  Organizations around the world are trying to come to grips with the way we work today. How does work get done effectively when people aren’t in the same place at the same time? Telework, even part-time telework, alters team dynamics in unexpected ways. Can you really prepare

Why You Need A Cognitive Clutch

I just returned from the Million Dollar Consulting® Convention in Boston where consultants, doing fascinating work all over the world, gathered to learn. Alan Weiss, author of Million Dollar Consulting, brought outstanding speakers to the stage. This year, Chip Bell, author of 9 1/2 Principles of Innovative Service, as well as Noah Fleming, Dorie Clark, and Kevin Berchelmann were among them.

Are You Helping Your Competitors?

Saks pays a lot of attention to the look of their stores and the merchandise they choose, but so do their competitors. My preference for Saks has to do with Susan Bregman, who works in designer clothing at the store in Atlanta. Nonetheless, when I had some free time, I headed to Saks to pick up a specific item. I

Valuable Lessons from the Today Show

It has been months since The Today Show removed and quickly replaced well-known and longtime host, Matt Lauer. Soon after, NBC named Hoda Kotb to co-host with Savannah Guthrie. Good for NBC for moving quickly. In January, CNN reported that viewership has increased and ad revenue of $500 million has been secured. What should we learn from this?

Why McDonald’s Can’t Copy Chick-fil-A

Earlier this month, Bloomberg reported that McDonald’s is “taking aim” at Chick-fil-A by improving their chicken offerings. It’s no wonder as the trend toward consumption of chicken and away from beef is clear and compelling. The Department of Agriculture estimates that Americans consume 92 pounds of chicken per year and 57 pounds of beef.