Ingenuity Is Alive and Well

What do people do when they don’t have enough resources and can’t get more? It depends. On what? Whether or not they have imagination and motivation. Last month, my family and I took a trip to Havana, Cuba. The number of examples of ingenuity were stunning. The famous old cars that have been kept running for decades is a well-known

The Cancer Doctor and The Myths of Honesty

The chief medical officer at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, Dr. Baselga, is well and truly in the hot seat. In the past few days, it was reported that Baselga received payments from healthcare and pharmaceutical companies for work as an advisor or board member while also studying the efficacy of products produced by some of the same companies.  

An Open Mind Looks A Lot Like Confidence

When most people imagine a corporate boardroom, they envision a few things: people over the age of 50; mostly male; focus on finances; insularity. Whether directors are young, older, male, female, industry experts, financial experts or otherwise, good governance requires both experience and open-mindedness, knowledge and curiosity, confidence and skepticism. Good leaders, whether executives or directors, have in common their ability

Dear Indra Nooyi

Last week, PepsiCo announced that the CEO, Indra Nooyi, would be retiring in a few months. Though I have not met her, I admired her from a distance and wanted to share why. The following has been adapted from an article previously published on Dear Indra Nooyi, I write this to express the ways in which you have provided

Your Decisions Are Emotional

  I heard it again last week, “What’s the rush?” Sometimes I hear, “If it isn’t broken, don’t fix it” or the one that really makes me crazy, “We are so much better than we were.” Many a leader has said to me a version of, “You should have known me ten years ago, I was much worse.” My all-time

Here’s To The Revolutionaries

This week on Independence Day in the United States of America, many of us celebrated, and we absolutely should have. The impetus, insight, guts and bias for action our forefathers possessed, are exactly what those who create, build, and innovate possess. These qualities, when used in service of a greater good, such as liberty, safety and opportunity, are to be

Strategic Firing to Prevent Crisis

The caricature of executives depicts them as heartless; people who fire others without a second thought. The reality is a far cry from this. Especially with unemployment at historic lows, leaders are acutely aware that talented people who are a good fit are not only uncommon, they are probably employed. For this, and other reasons, people who aren’t working out