Even Smart Leaders Stumble In A Crisis

The avalanche of revelations and accusations of inappropriate and even criminal behavior on the part of senior executives, business owners, and celebrities reached the White House last week. As concerning as the accusations are, it is more disturbing to think that those we know about are merely those we know about.

When A Leader’s Behavior Is Anti-Social

Soon after The Wall Street Journal reported that Steve Wynn, Chairman and CEO of Wynn Resorts, had over many years sexually harassed female employees, the share price of Wynn Resorts (WYNN) dropped more than 10%. Wynn’s denial, complete with incredulity, was quickly issued. Mr. Wynn, your personal embarrassment is not the point. This is no longer just about your reputation,

The Hero Trap

Almost immediately after Oprah gave her speech at the recent Golden Globe Awards, speculation about her candidacy for President of the United States emerged. The commentary in support of and against this idea continues. All the while, Oprah has not given an indication about whether or not she has political aspirations.

The Power of Resolve

‘Tis the season to make resolutions, a ritual in which many engage. Like all rituals, this one can be deeply meaningful or merely an activity. The ritual of making resolutions is reliable, but follow-through is not even close to bankable. Why? In part, it is because making resolutions is an act unto itself. We have more resolutions than resolve.

Win-Win Is Not Enough

Companies today are navigating an increasingly complex business environment with consumers who have the ability to not only provide rapid feedback but to do so in a highly-public way. Offering a superior product or service is imperative to gain—and keep—customers. But businesses must do more: they must treat relationships with customers, providers, and other companies as assets, working to create

What Customers Want You to Know About Your Merger

When Amazon announced that it would acquire Whole Foods, I thought it was a smart logistics move. Amazon could increase its business by offering fresh food from a significant network of stores that already exist. I don’t doubt the company’s ability to deliver kale, eggs, and crackers along with books and electronics. It takes more than a good product and

Where’s My Reward?

Last week, I spent four days at the beach off the coast of South Carolina. The island I visited is home to many deer, raccoons, seabirds, and other creatures that slither and leap. The deer are especially curious. They approach almost any person within their view. This leads me to think that despite a law against feeding wildlife, people can’t