What Customers Want You to Know About Your Merger

When Amazon announced that it would acquire Whole Foods, I thought it was a smart logistics move. Amazon could increase its business by offering fresh food from a significant network of stores that already exist. I don’t doubt the company’s ability to deliver kale, eggs, and crackers along with books and electronics. It takes more than a good product and

Where’s My Reward?

Last week, I spent four days at the beach off the coast of South Carolina. The island I visited is home to many deer, raccoons, seabirds, and other creatures that slither and leap. The deer are especially curious. They approach almost any person within their view. This leads me to think that despite a law against feeding wildlife, people can’t

Unlikely Disruption

Recently, the much-admired American Express CEO Kenneth Chenault announced that he is retiring after more than thirty years at the company. This announcement included the name of his successor, Stephen Squeri, 58, as chief executive officer as well as chairman of the board, effective on February 1, 2018. Earlier, it was widely reported that American Express president, Ed Gilligan was

Leadership in the Breach

Equifax is still reeling from the breach of systems, exposing private information of a staggering 143 million people. On Monday, September 25, 2017, yet another breach at Deloitte, that occurred months ago, was revealed. The firm says few clients were impacted and all of them were notified directly.

Great Leaders Learn, Think and Act

Education is the kindling of a flame, not the filling of a vessel. — Socrates I have a confession. I dropped out of college in my sophomore year. Later I was hired to be a stockbroker by the largest brokerage firm in the world. I am convinced it was, at least in part, because I knew details about a city