Case Studies

CEO Transition Without a CEO

After the removal of an ineffective CEO, the Board of Directors turned to CD Consulting. In close consultation with the board and interim CEO, we worked with the top executives to keep the “trains running” while consulting to the board about their next move. We rapidly provided the board with detailed information on the talent, culture and viability of the organization to inform their decision.

The data and insights we provided led to a rapid and major change initiated by a board that had reached significantly improved alignment and confidence in their decisions, difficult though they were.

Board and CEO Survive and Thrive After Pitched Battle

A 100-year-old company in financial services was suffering due to their failure to respond to changes in the marketplace. The sitting CEO realized that it was time for him to step aside. The board agreed and set about to find a new, visionary CEO. After a brief search, a new CEO was hired after much acrimony.

Mere months into the new CEO’s tenure, the tensions between he and the board reached a fever pitch. With accusations flying in all directions, the board called for help.

Interviews with the board and a day-long session with the CEO and Executive Committee led to a clear understanding of what was happening, how it was impacting the credibility of the board and the ability of the organization to function and a set of prioritized actions. Consultation with the board and CEO over the next six months led to a sincere reversal of the prior acrimony and enabled the board to lead the company out of a downward spiral.

Experienced Executive Lands First Public Company Board Seat

A very senior executive in manufacturing was considering a public company board seat for the first time. Brilliant, experienced, with P&L responsibility, she had concerns about exploring the opportunity without appearing naïve and selling herself simultaneously. In a few conversations, we re-shaped her “story” to highlight the match between her knowledge and experience and the needs of the board. Armed with a few key questions that would show her breadth and capacity for insight, she went to the interviews and was promptly offered the role.

Increased Profits Come Quickly

The Custom Builder Representative for Sams Gas, identified a sector he believed had vast potential. He already possessed a sterling reputation, but needed to expand his professional repute to a new group of buyers who seemed less vulnerable to the downturn of 2009-2010.

Working very quickly, we reshaped his marketing materials and plan, using his solid reputation as a key element. So successful is he that his boss asks why he didn’t put Dan in sales much sooner.

Solo Practitioner Grows Business by Charging for Value

A very talented consultant had built a portfolio of clients who kept coming back year after year. Rightly proud of his work ethic and empathy for his clients, he had a false belief that increasing his fees was unfair to his clients. Meanwhile, his own professional and family life was suffering.

Over several months, we reshaped his thinking and behavior, raising his fees to better reflect the value he was adding. Not only does he benefit from increased revenue, but from client relationships that are partnerships between professional peers.