Courageous Leaders

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Interrupting the Ordinary

Courageous leaders get very different results than ordinary leaders but, contrary to popular belief, courage is not the direct cause. Courage is fuel. When present, it allows for thinking and behaviors focused on results. It permits leaders to break with convention and tradition when they are barriers but adhere to them when useful.

Courageous leaders know that interrupting the ordinary is necessary to improve.

I heartily recommend Constance to those with ho have an appetite for success through change. A caution – despite her role as a “consultant,” she is unlikely to tell you only what you want to hear.
Chris Dods
Chief Executive Officer
Clean Earth, Inc.

How do you know if your organization is cultivating courageous leaders? If you are, these are things you should see:

  1. Preference for unvarnished truth
  2. Integrative thinking
  3. Confidence
  4. Humility
  5. Matter of fact acceptance of successes
  6. Matter of fact airing of failures
  7. Tolerance for ambiguity
  8. Generation of ideas from multiple sources
  9. Low tolerance for poor performance

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My clients call me The Secret Weapon – I work with courageous leaders to help them interrupt the ordinary.