CD Consulting Group brings business acumen together with expertise in individual and organizational behavior to form a unique consulting relationship with clients. Our results fly in the face of commonly accepted fail rate of over 80% for Mergers and Acquisitions. We offer the lessons from years of successful experience in videos, newsletters, blog posts, booklets and a video book.


“Useful, pithy, real.” Comments like this are frequent responses to Constance’s articles, newsletters and videos. Articles are always short, pointed and provoke clear thinking.


If a picture is worth a thousand words, a moving picture is worth a million.

Dozens of videos, laden with value on topics such as- Leadership, Organizational Culture, Mergers and Acquisitions, and Creating Dramatic Growth have been created by CD Consulting Group. These are profound and pragmatic, cutting right to the essence of issues every leader faces.

“Scenes from a Smoke Filled Room” Video Series

When most people think of the boardroom or executive suite, they think of button-up people having rational conversations and making decisions. Abandon those thoughts! Senior leaders are people and while they usually have a lot of experience, they can fall prey to the same limitations as the rest of us. Learning about pitfalls helps us to avoid them no matter our role.

“Invisible Decision Traps” Video Series

Why do we ignore faint signals in the marketplace? Why are people so over-confident? Why are people who have access to so much analysis not necessarily analytical? Why do we insist we are rational? All of these have the same source-we are human. Our decisions are influenced by forces that we can’t see but we can learn about them.

“Don’t Get Me Started” Video Series

Some rants on topics that I find annoying. Actually, it’s not just me, these are things others find annoying as well. The need to change to avoid them is one reason leaders call me.

Feedback Formula

Even leaders at high levels can find it difficult to give feedback in a way that leads to change. I have helped hundreds leaders with this issue from the boardroom to the warehouse floor. The model removes psychoanalysis and arbitrary judgments and vastly increases the likelihood that people will learn and grow.

Newsletter Archive

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