My most successful clients thrive with the timely and provocative advice I provide. At any one time, I work with a small, select group of executives in an advisory capacity. These leaders receive priority attention and have access to my expertise and experience whenever they need it.

The advice is strategic and brings a challenging perspective that leaders need when the stakes are high and decisions pivotal. This type of advisory relationship creates growth, increases speed and dramatically reduces risk through peer interaction that successful senior leaders crave.

In an advisory relationship, you have exclusive access to my expertise to address critical challenges and capture emerging opportunities in real time.

I have worked with over 500 executives in companies of all types, across industry and geographies. This allows you to benefit from a range of experiences, see your situation from new angles and predict consequences at an accelerated pace.

My role as an advisor can be behind the scenes, as an invisible confidante, or more public. I can join you in meetings with potential partners, high-value stakeholders, or senior managers.

Value of the arrangement:

  1. A sounding board for strategic decisions
  2. Source of ideas
  3. Risk reduction
  4. Expert, external review
  5. Rapid reply on time sensitive matters
  6. Expertise on individual, team and organizational behavior
  7. Access to my intellectual property
Constance provided excellent coaching for a very significant speech. Her insights into speech design including structure and delivery was the catalyst for an impactful and engaging discussion. I highly recommend that you call her!
Jackie Parker
Newell Rubbermaid Foundation
Constance is the consummate executive coach and an experienced business person who understands Leadership and its impact on a business’s success. I have worked with her in very challenging circumstances and in each instance she has delivered the desired result. She is candid and ethical and a skilled practitioner of business coaching and consulting.
Human Resources
$15 Billion Diversified Company
Constance helped me move ahead in my career much faster than I would have been able to on my own. She’s pure magic!
Jissel Fernandez
North Highland Group