Constance marries academic insight with pragmatic approaches to create a novel consulting relationship. Senior executive clients call her The Secret Weapon because she helps them achieve unheard of results without disruption to her clients business.

When the Obvious Choice Isn’t the Right Choice

CEO Succession is a key responsibility of the board. Often, one or more board members think they know who the next CEO should be at the outset. We help the board by establishing a process that involves but does not burden them. Our consultation results in:

  • Improved alignment of the board
  • Fully vetted candidates
  • Reduced risk of unsuccessful internal candidates jumping ship

Getting Value from a New Strategy

We often work with leaders and organizations that are in transition. Whether a change of leader, strategy or process, we work with you to achieve the benefits of the change and avoid getting stuck.

We have assisted clients to:

  • Quickly clarify and communicate the strategy
  • Re-align the organization
  • Manage cultural “uprisings”

Increase Efficiency – Decrease Drama

Small companies frequently engage us to help them move from “start up” to “professional” enterprises. Working in collaboration with leadership teams, we refocus, simplify and clarify how they work. As a result they benefit from:

  • Improved leadership
  • Reduced friction between functions
  • Fewer holes in processes

Realize Value from Mergers/Acquisitons

When companies merge with or acquire others, all eyes are on the leaders. Rightly so, most of them fail to deliver the promised value. We have assisted in the selection of dozens of executives who go on to lead newly formed companies to results atypical in these situations.

  • Rapidly create a process to manage people and culture for clear business reasons
  • Deliver unprecedented results
  • Smooth the transition to a new brand and culture