Mergers, Acquisitions and Divestures

The press likes to say “deals are heating up!” when there is a lot of activity regarding Mergers or Acquisitions. Their choice of words is apropos because when a deal is on the table, during due diligence, negotiations and financing talks, things do, indeed, get hot. It isn’t just activity that raises the temperature, it’s emotion. Making overtures toward an acquisition target, merger partner or buyer of a piece of your business is both rational and intensely competitive. The stakes are high because whether the deal goes through or not, each party must expose parts of itself to the other.

Our assistance has helped a global public company double its share price in two years. Another smashed through revenue projections in only one year. Still a third acquired another firm while successfully transforming it’s approach to the market.

CD Consulting Group works with senior leaders. We make the invisible, visible. We help senior executives make decisions about matters when the best data is qualitative and behavioral. Our analysis leads to deep insight that informs decisions and transforms organizations.