Here are some of Constance’s most popular topics

Why Smart People Do Stupid Things –

What is going on when very smart, experienced and successful people do things that look stupid? Often they succumb to very human tendencies while assuming this cannot happen to them. Learn about –

  • What you don’t know about groupthink
  • The dangers of over-confidence
  • Why we avoid discomfort, almost at any cost

Most importantly, learn what to do about these common, but deadly demons.

Constance has a rare talent for combining a storehouse of wisdom with the ability to communicate it.
Bonnie Bailey
Managing Director
In Other Words, Inc.
CEO Succession – Avoiding Traps, Barriers, and Debacles

Boards often feel that they know how to manage CEO succession – that is, until it goes wrong. CEO transitions present real risk to an organization and they are public events that no board can afford to mishandle. Audiences learn –

  • Why the board cannot abdicate this responsibility
  • How to develop and use a process to take some weight off the directors shoulders
  • Why it’s not just about the next CEO
I’ve been through several CEO Successions and wish I had seen Constance’s presentation sooner.
Director of Public and Private companies
Work on What Matters Not What is in Front of You

Our clients often lament – “our people aren’t strategic enough”, after which they send people to strategy school at a remote, but prestigious university. Unless people can apply what they are learning to their own situation, the learning is minimal. This experience teaches –

  • How to tell the difference between strategy and tactics and why it’s important
  • Avoid getting caught up in others priorities
  • How to prevent others from wasting your time without being rude
Constance is a terrific speaker!
Maggie Anderson
Communication Coach
The “buzz” among the members of Women Corporate Directors continued long after your talk ended. Your remarks stimulated our thinking and your advice was both practical and immediately useful.
Julia (Judi) B. North
Former CEO – VSI Enterprises
Board Member – Acuity Brands