Consulting in High Stakes Transitions

Date: June 8, 2016
Location: Sydney, Australia

High stakes transitions create opportunity to help clients with timely, high value advice. Situations such as mergers, acquisitions, leadership transitions and crises require expertise and a high level of trust.

“I attended Constance’s presentation on Mergers and Acquisitions at the Million Dollar Consulting® Convention last year. Right away, I sold a six figure project using her advice.”
Tom Stimson, CTS
The Stimson Group

Learn how to consult in high stakes transitions by learning to:

  • Identify high stakes transitions and how to use them to your advantage
  • Articulate the risks to your clients
  • Identify the benefits of managing important transitions such as:
    • Brand – Keep your customers happy through a major change
    • Organizational – Keep your best people onboard and enthused
    • Leadership – Strengthen your ability to lead and inspire
    • Individual – Undertand your strengths and skills
    • Reputation – Become known as the “go to” when stakes are high
  • Monetize the value of your expertise
  • Make current and prospective clients aware of the invisible traps in important transitions
  • Help clients in crisis

Workshop leader:

Constance Dierickx, PhD, The Decision Doctor® provides advice to senior executives and business owners in high-stakes transitions. Clients with whom she has worked on mergers and acquisitions succeed 400 times more often than the average. In CEO succession, where Constance works directly with the board, her clients avoid the common pitfalls such as loss of unsuccessful candidates. Pitched battles in the boardroom are a specialty as are getting mergers back on track.

Fees: $900 US
But reduced to $600, one third off, if attending Alan’s Workshops in Sydney, Australia

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