Get Up and Go!

My analysis indicates that the vast majority of people who talk about leadership are actually describing either a set of beliefs, a set of values or a set of guidelines developed from personal experience that, while interesting cannot accurately be generalized. Leaders certainly need to know who they are (values and beliefs) but they most also make those manifest in their particular situation (they need the right approach for the circumstances.)

This book, available in print and audio is a distillation of key lessons I have learned from my work with over 500 executives, business owners, entrepreneurs and partners in firms of all types. The most important thing you can do, after buying it is to pick up the ideas most relevant for you and start using them. That's why the title is Get Up and Go!

Price: $210

INTERVIEWING: The Weakest Link In Hiring No More

If you are like most managers, you've made a few hiring mistakes. Some are quite obvious and can lead to swift removal, while others "nag" at you and over time, become unbearable.

Regardless, these issues get in the way, ultimately reduce productivity, cost time and money, and sure make work less fun. Whether you are hiring the next CEO for your company, a new VP of marketing, director of research and development, call center manager, or front-line employee, the principles laid out here apply.

Price: $24.95